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The Potterers Cycling Club
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Cycling Is Good For You,  by Mark R Slaughter

I’m on my little cycle and I’m
Whizzing through the street.
My gangly legs are spinning as I
Rub against the seat.

An hour or so of cycling and my
Skin begins to wear.
My bottom starts to lose its skin with
Pain I just can’t bear!

I have to stand and pedal so my
Poor bum gets a break.
But then the road gets hilly and my
Legs begin to ache.

And then the weather takes a turn – it’s
Just my bloody luck:
I lose my grip in pouring rain and
Slide beneath a truck.

So there I am up on the ward with
Tubes stuck in my vein:
They take some blood to check me out then
Dose me for my pain.

The lab comes back to say they’ve found my
My blood is thick with fat:
‘Your cholesterol’s going to kill you sir.’ Well
Crikey – fancy that!

I shuddered at the thought of death -
I'm dying, I'm so ill!
But doctor says ‘don’t worry - you can
Take a little pill.’

Well there it is, I take my drugs to
Keep my cholesterol down.
I’m cycling round the streets again and
Racing through the town.

Now when I think I need another
Checkup for my blood,
I simply slam a truck right in the
Middle of a flood.
usque ad mortem bibendum
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