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The Potterers Cycling Club
Pottering in Kent for 50 years !
The Potterers Cycling Club
Pottering in Kent since 1971
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From "Rye's Own Magasine", "Sprocket Page". June 2001.

Oldest Rye Wheeler Potters On

A really nice letter tells us of a prewar Rye Wheeler who now lives in Herne Bay.
Jim Catt joined the Wheelers in January 1934, just after his fifteenth birthday and of the members active at that time he thinks he is the only one left.
After the War Jim was the mechanic at Ernie Odell’s Cycle Shop in Market Road and in 1953, along with Gordon Lamb, another Wheeler, he joined the Tricycle Association and became an ardent fan of the three wheeler a love affair that has continued until this day.
Jim Catt (right) with Gordon Lamb
Jim moved from Rye in 1959 to a cycle shop in Heme Bay and retired in 1983.
In 1973, with three other three wheeler exponents, he formed the Potterers Cycling Club “For the simple reason we liked pottering in the lanes and we enjoyed pots of ale”. The membership of Potterers C.C. now exceeds sixty. Most are in their 60’s, 70’s or like Jim, in their 80’s.
Jim tells us that his health is not too good but he has recently purchased a new trike with an electric motor which allows him to get out more often and cover more ground.
The Catt’s have been a keen cycling family. His eldest daughter graduated from tandem and sidecar to crank shortened on the rear of a tandem. She and her husband are still regular tandem riders. His wife Florrie in no longer able to ride but Jim tells us they have enjoyed a good life in every respect and he is still grateful to Ken Padgham, the Captain of the Wheelers in 1935, for encouraging him to join the club all those years ago.
“It is nice to think that youngsters of today are still starting out on the great cycling adventure through the medium of The Rye & District Wheelers”.
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