The Potterers - Potterers Cycling Club

The Potterers Cycling Club
Pottering in Kent for 50 years !
The Potterers Cycling Club
Pottering in Kent since 1971
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Motto : Usque Ad Mortem Bibendum.

The Potterers Cycling Club was founded in 1971 with the aim of providing a rota by which cyclists could meet up at a public house in the East Kent countryside at lunchtime for a drink, a snack and a chat. The idea proved to be a success with the club growing in numbers from the original Four Founding Members to a membership of approximately fourty today. The number of "Meets" has also increased from the initial occasional gathering to Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday Meets.

Wednesday Meets take place within easy cycling distance of Faversham whilst the Thursday and Sunday Meets take place in, or within, easy cycling distance of Canterbury or Sandwich. Our venues are still mostly rural pubs that serve snacks and Real Ales, and having a garden for those sunny days and for secure cycle parking.

Membership currently ranges from about 45 to 90 years old and includes all sexes. Winter attendance is in the region of ten with more in the summer. Sunday attendance is less as many members have grandchildren or even great grandchildren and are unable to escape family pressures. Also many pubs provide only cooked lunches on Sundays and it's often difficult to get seated.

Not so many of us cycle to the "Meets" as the years go by. Some arrive by car or motorcycle, some by public transport. There are a few in their eighties who still cycle regularly to the venues. Most of us aim to arrive at about midday. Conversation is normally very lively with virtually every topic, including cycling, beer and old pubs being discussed. Quite a bit of nostalgia and moaning is normal too.

Feel free to come and meet us. Please note that we do NOT have an “organised” ride. Most of us make our way individually to the meet.

The Club Magazine, "Pottering Around" is sent to all members and is produced quarterly. It contains the rota of "Meets", articles about cycling and technical topics. Stories, poetry, coloured pictures. The list is endless.......

Our motto, "Usque ad mortem bibendum", also, strangely, was taken by The Firkin Brewery for their own. The Potterers Cycling Club was formed in 1971, predating Firkin. I shan’t translate it because it’s not suitable in these politically correct, Health & Safety times. Anyway, we can’t change history.
usque ad mortem bibendum
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