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The Veteran's Song - by John Leeson,
An extract of a poem of much greater length, which begins:-

"The time has come, the veteran said, to talk of many things:
Of thirty-four tooth sprockets and twenty-six tooth rings:
Of bicycles and bikers, of barns and bridleways,
Of back roads and of bridges we knew in yesterdays:
Of handlebars once popular, in shapes no longer seen:
Binda and Capo Berta, Ventoux and Azureen:
Of curly stays by Hetchins and curly forks by Bates;
Of chromed and convoluted lugs and sleek bilaminates;
Of Taylor's touring tandems and Higgins' racing trikes,
Of sidecars and Rann trailers on vintage family bikes:
Of youthful window-gazing at rows of gorgeous frames -
Arrays of chrome and colour crafted by famous names;
Of frames by Russ and Rotrax, Claud Butler, Ellis-Briggs,
Frames brazed with fancy lug-work or welded in bronze on jigs:
Track frames with angles seventy-five, road frame at seventy-two,
Road-track frames double lives, and short-based specials too.
Frames with orange, heavenly blue, or purple flame with j'sade:
Diamond-panelled, barber's poled, chequered and blended fade:
Heraldic badges, stylish script, chevroned Olympic bands,
And lugs picked out by sable brush by dedicated hands;
And canopied by pendant frames, pictures from magazines
Of continental heroes in sun-drenched racing scenes;
Of Coppi's blue Bianchi with Campagnolo gears,
Of proud Bartali's triumphs and Rene Vietto's tears;
Of battles on the pave and tactics by the team,
Of frantic tyre changes and sprinting for the prime....."
usque ad mortem bibendum
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