Potterers Cycling Club

The Potterers Cycling Club
Pottering in Kent for 50 years !
The Potterers Cycling Club
Pottering in Kent since 1971
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~~~~~~~ August 2024 ~~~~~~~
Potterers don't ride as a group. We meet at the cafe or pub.
We have a rota of Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday "Meets" from midday.
All pub venues have food, hot or cold drinks & Real Ale.
We are based in East Kent, UK.
* NB Sunday Meets have always been less popular - family commitments, church, hangovers etc...
Some singletons arriving at 1200 may ride off if no-one else by 1245.
Thank Paul Skelton for allowing links to his pub history site. And to others, some of whom, contributed
without their knowledge or permission.
Membership is £6 annually !  See  About / Membership for all the myriad benefits of enrolment.
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