Potterers Cycling Club

The Potterers Cycling Club
Pottering in Kent for 50 years !
The Potterers Cycling Club
Pottering in Kent since 1971
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~~~ 11th July 2021 ~~~
The Potterers do NOT have organised cycle rides.
We have a rota of Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday PUB "Meets" from 1230.
Non-members* are welcome to meet us for a chat. All venues have food, hot or cold drinks & Real Ale.
We are based in East Kent, UK.
* NB Sunday Meets have always have always been unpopular - family commitments, religion, etc. etc...
I normally arrive at midday. On occasion if no-one else has turned up by 1245, I leave for pastures new...
Thanks to Paul Skelton for allowing me to link our venues to his pub history site. My thanks to everyone else who contributed to this website, some of whom did so without their knowledge or permission.
Enquiries, articles, photos email to potter@utando.co.uk  (Scams & sales too. Not "Contact")
Membership is £6 annually !  See  About / Membership for all the myriad benefits of enrolment.

usque ad mortem bibendum
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